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Tenkula Farm was established back in the late 1970's by my father bringing home a pinto pony named Patches for us kids to ride.  My mother was afraid that we would go riding on patches and get hurt and she would not be able to find us.  So she did what she thought would be the wisest thing to do.  Bought an older mare so she could learn to ride and come with us.  Well that mare was a Tennessee Walking Horse and the only one in the Thunder Bay area.  My parents bought other horses for the rest of the family so we could ride together. They were Arabian, Quarter Horse and a pony/arab cross. Everyone would fight to get the walker mare and because I was the youngest I would double on her with my older sister.  My parent then decided to find more Walkers for everyone else.  We bought a few more mares and had mixed feelings about the purchase of a stallion (who turned out to be a gentleman) and the hobby farm turned into a breeding farm.

My mother has since passed away and my father is always helping out and I have been running the farm since 1996.  There have been a lot of changes to the farm but we still are after the same thing.  Horses that are honest, reliable and fun to have.   We look forward to being able to help you to have "the best ride ever".

Lisa Tenkula

Welcome to Tenkula Farm ~ Northwestern Ontario's Finest Tennessee Walkers

1 hour, $40 and 2 hours is $60. Lesson and a 1 hour trail ride $60.

Longer rides, call for price and availability.

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Tenkula Farm

RR #1
71 Tenkula Rd
Nolalu, ON


Phone:  807.474.3398


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