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Tennessee Walking Horses


Did you know ...

Foal: baby still with its mom

Weanling: baby being weaned from its mom

Filly: female from 1 to 4 years old

male from 1 to 4 years old

Mare: female 5 and older

male 5 and older

: fixed male, any age

When they're babies, we don't really differentiate their gender... a foal and weanling are gender neutral. The website is telling you it's a filly so that you know that it's a girl.

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2012 Foals

April and Helix




Elsa and Whisper


Jaxon, Sasha's baby


Mayhem April's baby


2011 Foals









2010 Foals


2009 Foals

Request’s Perfect Promise
aka Promise

Promise is the last foal of the year.  She is from Request and Taz.  Promise has 2 socks and a connected star and snip.  She already looks like she is going to have Momma's impressive mane.  Looks like we have another show horse!


Promise has won champion at the Minnesota Walking Horse Celebration as a weanling as well as yearling.  She is showing a lot of talent and we look forward to being able to start her under saddle.





is the first foal from Demi.  He is flashy with his bald face and 2 high stockings.  Born April 28th.


Lucky Star


sold  congratulations to Francine




is the first foal for Chloe and her daddy is Eddie.  She is a bright chestnut with a bald face.  She has lots of attitude. 
Born April 27th.




2009 Filly is April and Taz's foal born
April 25th.  She is black.

No Rhyme or Reason aka Twitch


is the first for Jade.  He is from Taz and we are not sure if he will be sorrel or chestnut.  We are sure that he is a wild and feisty guy.  Born April 22.


Twitch is a striking palomino who loves people and attention.  He is showing a great gait and desire to please.




The Atomic Bomb aka Tommy


This is carbon's and Dyna's colt.  He was born the 20th of April, 2009.  Not a spot of white anywhere.


  sold Congratulations to Lance


Faux Pas

2009 filly from the Generally Trouble and the first foal for Taz (The Perfect Answer)



2009 foal from China and Taz.  He was born April 15th.  That is China's 3rd foal

2008 Foals



2008 colt from The Detanator and Fantasy's Limited Edition. 
Born May 1, 2008.




2008 colt from Moonlight Escapade and Fantasy's Limited Edition. 
Born May 7, 2008.




2008 colt from Raider's Shady Magic  and Fantasy's Limited Edition. 
Born May 12, 2008.




2008 colt from Generally Adorable and Fantasy's Limited Edition. 
Born April 22, 2008








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